Airbag Suspension

Bagged Truck

Putting an airbag suspension on your vehicle is  a major decision.  There are several details you want to consider before purchasing parts for an airbag suspension:

  • Budget - How much do you want to spend?
  • Driveability - Will it be a daily driver or a weekend cruiser?
  • Installation - Do it yourself or professional?
  • Reason - Hauling or dragging?

Your answers to these different questions will determine what type of airbag suspension you will want to buy.

Air Ride Parts

Air Ride Parts

Pacbrake airbag suspension parts are great for towing.

Air Suspensions were originally introduced to street trucks as a better way to handle hauling needs as that is what tractor trailers use for this.  They quickly became modified for use on lowrider trucks as a fast way to bring a truck to the ground without using a bulky and undependable hydraulic system.  With time, these air ride systems became more sophisticated and more commonplace, especially in California, Texas, Florida, basically anywhere on the West Coast or in the South.

With the growing popularity of lowrider trucks, airbag suspensions are becoming more and more accessible.  Shops around the country are getting in on this growing trend for lowrider enthusiasts.  And not only are lowrider fans having fun with airbags.  Owners of lifted trucks are also adding airbag suspensions to their vehicles.

There are also quite a few disadvantages to bagging your truck. An air suspension might seem like a good idea but if it's not done well it might be more problems that what it's worth. You have to make sure, whether you install the air ride yourself or if you have the airbags professorially installed, that you get premium work and parts.  It is never a good idea to take short cuts with an air ride suspension and could lead to a stalled vehicle on the road or worse.

When done properly, an air bag suspension setup for your truck could be just the thing your vehicle needs.

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